TST editorial and transliteration conventions

The Tamil script is transliterated in roman characters according to the transliteration scheme of the Madras Tamil Lexicon.

Further editorial and transliteration conventions, mostly aligned on those of the DHARMA project, are as follows.1

Grantha characters in bold.
Unmarked ō and ē restored.

Editorial convention Explanation Examples
upper-case vowel initial vowel
lower-case vowel medial vowel
(a) unclear text
(a/b) alternative readings of unclear text
[a] restoration of lost/illegible text
[…] lost/illegible text
[a/b] alternative readings of lost/illegible text
⟨abc⟩ editorial restoration of omitted text
? illegible letter
{mācam} expansion of a symbol or an abbreviation
= conjunct letter, i.e k=k transliterates double k written as one letter Tamil conjunct letters
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