Table of Contents

BnF Sanscrit 616. Amarakośaviveka

Nandināgarī. Palm leaf (palmyra). Table of contents copied from a Devanāgarī lithograph. Number of mūlaślokas and kṣepakaślokas given for each chapter of the first kāṇḍa.

BnF Sanscrit 616, 71r. Courtesy of the BnF.

See “Punctuation poetry in MS Sanscrit 616.”


BnF Sanscrit 821. Dāyanirṇaya of the Vivādanirṇaya

Bengali. Palm leaf (talipot). Table of contents on unnumbered folios at the beginning of the manuscript. Indexed by folio number.

BnF Sanscrit 821, table of contents

BnF Sanscrit 821, table of contents. Courtesy of the BnF.

BnF Sanscrit 1406. Vivādārṇavasetu

Bengali. Table of contents on laid European paper, inserted into manuscript. Indexed by folio number, recto/verso (1/2), and line number.

BnF Sanscrit 1406, addition. Courtesy of the BnF.

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