Completion Statement

In-text chapter completion statement.

Text completion statement (with colophon or instead of colophon).

BnF Sanscrit 1119. Mānasollāsa

Devanāgarī. Completion statement in Devanāgarī seems to be copied from the exemplar. Completion statement in English refers to this manuscript.

BnF Sanscrit 1119, folio 337 recto.

BnF Sanscrit 1119, 334r. Courtesy of the BnF.

Devanāgarī completion statement:

iti mānasollāsa samāpta || samvata 1930 miti māghasuha 14

English completion statement:

Copied out from the original Manuscript

by Ramachandra Govind Daudavalē.

in the year 1911 A.D. Deccan College.


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