BnF Sanscrit 759. Hāsyārṇavaprahasana

Bengali. Marginal annotations marked with candrabindu above or below the line in the text. Word breaks marked with superscript daṇḍa. Noun case marked with superscript numerals. Characteristic of Bengali manuscripts.

BnF Sanscrit 759, folio 1 verso

BnF Sanscrit 759, 1v. Courtesy of the BnF.


BnF Sanscrit 1867. Kumārasaṃbhava, first chapter

Devanāgarī. Marginal annotations followed by a line number, which may be counted from the top or the bottom. Word breaks marked by superscript daṇḍas, as well as a superscript avagraha where a short a has been elided.

BnF Sanscrit 1867, folio 2, verso

BnF Sanscrit 1867, 2v. Courtesy of the BnF.

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