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TST presentation at the BnF DataLab

The CNRS TST team (Emmanuel Francis and Charles Li) will present the TST project at the BnF DataLab Monday 24th April 2023. Registration here: Emmanuel Francis et Charles Li (CESAH UMR 8077, EHESS & CNRS) présenteront le projet TST (Texts Surrounding Texts: Satellite Stanzas, Prefaces and Colophons in South-Indian...

Que faire ? Questions brûlantes de nos données

Présentation de Charles Li Post-doctorant ANR TST (CEIAS) Dans le cadre des travaux de l’axe transversal « Textualités, de l’indologie classique aux humanités numériques ». « Les humanités numériques », voilà sans sans nul doute le mot d’ordre le plus en vogue à l’heure actuelle, celui qui revient le plus...

TST Final Workshop (call for papers)

Venue: CSMC in Hamburg Time: 23rd to 25th June 2022   The TST final workshop will take place at the CSMC in Hamburg on the 23rd to 25th June. We devoutly hope to be able to make this a live event, while keeping open the hybrid option. As agreed in...

Nocturnes de l’Histoire: March 30th, 2022

The BnF and the TST project will take part in the “Nocturnes de l’Histoire” 2022. The TST team (Jean-Luc CHEVILLARD, Emmanuel FRANCIS, Charles LI, Margherita TRENTO) invites the public at large to discover the BnF Indian manuscripts, beyond the text they contain. The event will take place in the manuscript...

The 2nd TST workshop, 7-8 October 2021

We are pleased to present the programme for the 2nd TST workshop, which will be held in Paris, in the conference centre of the Campus Condorcet, and online on 7-8 October, 2021. To reach the conference centre of the Campus Condorcet see HERE. To register to attend online, please fill...

TST Webinar 1

Since the online TST workshop (September 21st, 2020) was very fruitful and since it is not clear when the TST members will again meet in persons because of the current pandemic, TST has started a series of monthly webinars.

TST Kick-off Workshop (April 8-10, 2019)

The TST Kick-off took place in the CSMC, Hamburg, from April 8 to 10, 2019. Presentations and talks were about (1) the individual subcorpora from the BnF and Stabi collections that team members will investigate and (2) about various topics, mainly practical (conventions, cataloguing fields, mask/template, etc.).

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