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Sanscrit 1827 Hindu Law, page 346.

The invisible sisters of Anglo-Hindu inheritance law

In a previous article, we discussed the Lakṣmīvyākhyāna, an 18th-century commentary on the Mitākṣarā, written by Lakṣmīdevī, and the influence it had in the law courts of colonial India. As we mentioned, this influence was greatly magnified due to Henry Thomas Colebrooke’s reliance on it in his translation of the...

BnF Sanscrit 715, folio 1, verso, detail

The long-forgotten colophon of Sanscrit 715 Mudrārākṣasa

Viśākhadatta’s Mudrārākṣasa, variously translated as “Rákshasa’s Ring”, “The Signet Ring”, or “Signet Rākṣasa”, is a unique Sanskrit drama set during the reign of Candragupta Maurya, in the 4th century BCE. As G. V. Devasthali notes, it is the only work “in the whole of Sanskrit dramatic literature [to have] a...

Sanscrit 612, folio 1v

An annotation positioning system in MS Sanscrit 612

In Sanskrit manuscripts, marginal annotations are often followed by a number, indicating the line where that annotation applies (counting either from the top or from the bottom). But in the Amarakośa manuscript that forms part of Sanscrit 612, the scribe takes a different approach.     This paper manuscript in...

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