TST Webinar 1

Since the online TST workshop (September 21st, 2020) was very fruitful and since it is not clear when the TST members will again meet in persons because of the current pandemic, TST has started a series of monthly webinars.

Metal cover of BnF Indien 113, a multiple-text manuscript containing the Akattiyar Tēvārat Tiraṭṭu — The source this picture of INDIEN 113 is BnF

The first TST webinar took place Friday October 16th, 2020, 10-12 AM (CET), a convenient schedule that enables our Indian colleagues to also participate.

On this occasion we had the following presentations:

Jean-Luc Chevillard (CNRS, HTL)
Examining variants thanks to the BnF copies of the Yāpparuṅkala Virutti, Akattiyar Tēvārat Tiraṭṭu & Vocabulario Tamulico Com a Significaçam Portugueza

Charles Li (CNRS, CEIAS)
Purifying the text and expanding the commentary of the Amarakośa

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