Arrival of Charles LI

TST has the great pleasure to welcome Charles LI, who has joined the TST Paris team as postdoc since September 15th.

Charles LI has conducted research on Sanskrit manuscripts for his PhD in Cambridge and has been teaching courses on ancient South Asian culture and philosophy at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

His skills in digital humanities will be of critical importance for the project, as his arrival will boost the development of the TST TEI-XML template for cataloguing and describing South Asian manuscripts.

Charles LI will also assist Jérôme PETIT at the BnF Richelieu — where he will have his desk — for instance preparing and foliating manuscripts before their digitisation, or managing the entries on the online BnF catalogue.

On the scientific front, Charles LI will study the Amarakośa manuscripts in the BnF collection, exploring this heterogeneous group, consisting of material in northern and southern scripts, with a variety of commentaries as well as marginal glosses. He will focus on two aspects: charting the variation in the text using techniques from bioinformatics, and documenting the manuscript metadata and paratexts. By correlating these two sources of information, it is hoped we will better understand how lexicons such as the Amarakośa were used and annotated by readers, and how paratexts like marginal notes might be transmitted through repeated copying, perhaps eventually becoming incorporated as a commentary.

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  1. Laurent

    Welcome Charles Li, it is a pleasure to have you with us at the BnF! We were looking forward to it!


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